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Welcome to the American Water Spaniel Club

As the AKC parent club of the breed we have a large number of goals and responsibilities. Primarily though we are an organization devoted to advancing the interests of the American Water Spaniel and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.

Step inside to see all that we and the breed have to offer. We are sure that, like us, you too will find this breed to be a joy to live with and our club essential to carrying the breed into the future.

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To our members: In an effort to recognize the joys and sorrows of our members involving their dogs or family members (i.e. loss of a dog, death in the family, birth of a baby, a special award, and so forth) the Board of Directors has created a new committee called AWSCares. It is this committee's responsibility to make contact with members experiencing such life affecting situations with a personal note, phone call, flowers, etc. However, it will take all of us to keep the committee informed of these life experiences so that no member goes unrecognized. We urge all of our members to contact the committee chairperson, Rob Goodman, at, if you know of a member facing such an event.

The AWSC, Inc. participates in the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program.  For more information about this program and to learn how you might help, please click on the following logo:Purina logo